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Kylie Jenner Hair | Short, Long, & Bangs

As part of the Kardashian Klan, Kylie Jenner has a duty to keep her hair looking stylish at all times! She's rocked out short hair, long hair, bangs and many other hairstyles. She used to have long curly hair, but cut it about two years ago. Now it's around a shoulder length and is usually straightened. Let's start off the gallery where she has medium length hair that's dyed tan / blonde toward the tips. This is a really chic looks with the color transition.

Kylie Jenner chose to wear bangs that day - which is pretty rare for her.

Kylie Jenner Bangs

Kylie Jenner Long Hair

She definitely likes the funky green hair dye.

Kylie Jenner Hair

Photoshop much?

Kylie Jenner Hair

This is a cool look with the long wavy hair and hoodie. She also has subtle highlight to accentuate her hair.

Kylie Jenner Hair

This is Kylie Jenner from a couple years ago when she had long curly hair. Her hair literally used to be almost down to her hips!

Kylie Jenner Curly Hair

Kylie Jenner has green and blond highlights with wavy hair at a shoulder length.

Kylie Jenner Short Hair

Kylie Jenner chose to go with a hair bun and two strands of long hair at the sides.

Kylie Jenner Hairstyles

Kylie Jenner's hair is a little shorter in the this photo than it was in the last one. She likes dying her hair half way through with a transition to the ends. She chose to go with a turquoise green shade here.

Kylie Jenner Short Hair

Kylie Jenner Short Hair
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