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Kendall Jenner Hairstyles | Short Hair, Long Hair, & Bangs

Just like her older sisters, Kendall Jenner is very stylish with her hairstyles. We've seen her sport the short hair, long hair, bangs, updo, messy hair and many other looks. Overall though, she's best known for her tall slender figure and fashionable outfits. We start this gallery off with a cute updo and hair bun. Her jet black hair compliments her dark eyes and deep red lipstick beautifully.

Kendall Jenner attended this event sporting her long curly hair. Her hair color looks beautiful in this lighting.

Kendall Jenner Curly Hair

Her hair is also short here, but it's also ruffled.

Kendall Jenner Short Hair

While Kendall Jenner's hair is a medium length here, it's the shortest we've seen since she entered the public's eye.

Kendall Jenner Short Hair

Kendall Jenner Hair Bun

I love how her hair looks when it's long and has slight waves.

Kendall Jenner Hair

Keep in mind that her hair isn't this naturally long - she's wearing hair extensions.

Kendall Jenner Hair

Kendall Jenner Hairstyles

Kendall Jenner Long Hair

I really like how this look with long messy beach hair.

Kendall Jenner Messy Hair

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