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Barbie With No Makeup On Before And After

Behold, Barbie doll with no makeup, yellow teeth, bags under her eyes, and sagging cheeks! Yes this is what Barbie might look like after a night of partying without applying any makeup. If you look at Barbie dolls through the years you'll see that they always wear heavy eyeliner and have fake eyelashes. It's crazy that those things (and Bratz dolls) are pushed on kids. What a thing to idolize from a young age...

Those eyes actually look really creepy without being complimented by eye shadow. I think it's safe to say that you won't be seeing any makeup-free Barbie dolls on the shelves any time soon!

Barbie No Makeup

Here's Barbie without any eye shadow, eye liner, or fake eyelashes.

Barbie Without Makeup

Barbie No Makeup
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